FedEx tracking system messages

FedEx provides numerous ways of tracking your package. It is one of the biggest courier companies that enable the eCommerce merchants and customers’ connection across the globe via a timely and dependable delivery service.

Despite the shipping process using FedEx being smooth, there is a need to offer the tracking because their instances where the package can be delayed due to various reasons such as the pandemic we are in right now, problems with the customs clearance, problems with the stolen or the lost packages.
This article will show you an overview of the FedEx tracking system messages, different FedEx services that offer to track, FedEx shipping statuses, and many more.

Tracking the FedEx shipment

The tracking of FedEx provides flexible and responsive solutions for both domestic and international shipments. You can use your phone, tablet, PC or laptop to track your shipment as there are options to track all manner of shipment. The following is how you will track your shipment;

FedEx tracking number

The whole process of tracking depends on the FedEx tracking number. The number is a unique code that has all the details of the shipments encrypted. Every parcel has a unique number given when you ship the package at the retail location or even after making the eCommerce purchase.

FedEx will then assign a two-digit number. It will also assign the ten-digit, 15 digits, 20 and 22 digits. The majority of these numbers have no letters. The tracking number is usually printed on the shipping label. You will get it via email after the completion of the eCommerce purchase, or it will be given when the package is shipped at any FedEx packages in the following ways.

Easyship Dashboard

For that shipping using the Easyship, you will easily track the FedEx package. You need to go to the manage shipmen segment and chose “ALL” or search for the FedEx tracking number located in the searching bar. You will be able to easily see the package’s progress using the custom branded emails and any alert.

FedEx Website

You can track the status of the FedEx packages using the FedEx website. You can use your phone, laptop, PC to access the website. You can quickly check the package’s progress, nickname and control the shipment status by using the FedEx mobile website.

When you use the FedEx website, you will be able to know when the package has been initiated, in transit or picked up. You will go to the FedEx tracking page, put 30 parcel tracking numbers and press the “track” button.

Using FedEx Mobile apps, any type of shipment made using your account or added to the FedEx Advanced Tracking will automatically be displayed on the mobile device.

FedEx mobile app

FedEx has a mobile app that enables you o check the progress of the shipment on the go. You will, however, need to download and install it first for Android or iPhone users. Using the app, any shipment that is created using the account or added to the FedEx tracking will automatically show up on the phone.

FedEx Custom Critical, FedEx Express, FedEx freight, and FedEx Ground tracking differs from the FedEx services that provide package tracking with the FedEx mobile apps.

FedEx phone number

When you are not near the computer or cannot access the website for any reason, you can know the progress of your package by using the phone. You will need to call 1.800.464.3339 and say the ‘track the package’ and be able to track the status of the shipment.

Are you able to track the package using the FedEx tracking number?

You will be able to track the package even when lacking the FedEx tracking number. Despite the packages having a tracking number, FedEx permits you to name them again in such a way that you will find more useful, and you can use the order number, account number, or any other reference you may want to assign the shipment to know the progress of the FedEx shipments.

There is the FedEx insight that you can use to track moderate to high volume shipments without necessarily having the tracking numbers. FedEx ideal is excellent when you want to control the shipments across various locations and accounts.

When using the FedEx tracking number, you will be able to track moderate volumes of the shipments that are high without having to use the tracking numbers necessarily. FedEx insight is suitable for the shipment locations across the various locations and accounts.

When using the FedEx tracking number, you will find the parcel’s accurate location from the time the order has been placed and the delivery time. The large shippers can be able to use the reference numbers or the order numbers to know the progress of their shipments or the freight shipment, while government orders can be tracked by entering the Transportation Control Number.

The amount of time that tracking takes

Packages are usually scanned and the tracking information updated in real-time at every step since they arrive and leave various FedEx facilities. It takes up to 24 hours after the shipping label has been generated to have the tracking number or updated information.

What happens when the FedEx number is not updating?

People are usually advised to wait for 24 hours to enable FedEx to update the tracking information; there may be delays sometimes before the package is picked by the courier up; it can also be picked but not scanned by the driver.

Suppose the FedEx tracking information is not updated after the 24 hours have elapsed. In that case, you need to contact FedEx customer support to determine the reasons for the delay of the package’s shipment.


There are various ways that you can track your package. We have vividly discussed the ways of how the FedEx tracking system messages work. It will be critical to note that you can track your package without having the number. FedEx is one of the most effective ways of shipping your package.