FedEx drug test

Founded in 1971, FedEx Corporation has gotten one of the top courier service companies organizations in activity today. Well-known for its overnight delivery administration, FedEx, as indicated by 2016 surveys, is the 9th-largest exclusive American organization company with eight major divisions, utilizing in excess of 335,700 workforces around the world.

Does FedEx Drug Test Their Employees?

Like most American-owned organizations, FedEx holds fast to the predominant government and state laws concerning illicit medications or controlled substances. It is focused on the implementation of a “safe, healthy, without drug working environment.”

Devoted to this commitment, FedEx, thusly, conducts arbitrary, scheduled, reasonable doubt, or post-accident drug testing on its representatives, especially on workers who are assigned to security touchy positions.

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FedEx facilities are broadly distributed and fanned out globally. Some FedEx areas may have a slightly variable drug testing strategy from those of other areas.

In U. S. alone, the FedEx workforce—explicitly pilots and drivers—are dependent upon the DOT-required medication test, while different persons may just be required to undergo non-DOT drug tests.

First Things First

The hiring interaction at FedEx can require up to three weeks, but if you are ready, you can advance through the steps easily. Ensure you have all of your personal data that you’d expect when going for a job. In addition to that, FedEx needs your total job history from the previous ten years. So ensure you have the right addresses, phone numbers, and contact names. FedEx also excepts resumes that you can transfer when you fill out the application web. Having a resume will need put you at the top of the recruiting pool!

Does FedEx Do Pre-Employment Drug Test?

FedEx’s recruiting procedure, as referenced above, may differ from one location to another. FedEx, for instance, may hire some candidates even without expecting them to undergo pre-work drug tests. At the same time, it may also stringently require some candidates to undergo pre-work drug tests, especially those applicants who are going for safety-sensitive positions.

However, these pre-work drug tests can be either done nearby or at a licensed drug-testing lab handpicked by FedEx.

What Drugs Does FedEx Test For?

FedEx usually uses the standard 5-panel drug test to identify alcohol and traces of illegal drugs in a person’s framework.

This drug test normally detects the following drugs: Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Phencyclidine or PCP, and Opiates. FedEx may also decide on other drug tests like those of the 7 panel or 10-panel drug tests.

What Types of Drug Test are utilized?

FedEx personnel and candidates are usually screened via the utilization of urine drug screening (UDS). This UDS is normally a 5-panel urine test for identifying widely available street drugs. However, FedEx may also pick for the blood drug test, very much like in Denver’s FedEx, which is known for a rotating urine drug test and blood drug test.

The Online Application Process

The best way to apply with FedEx is through the web. Explore the FedEx Careers site and make an account. You can apply for various jobs under this one account.

Browse through the accessible jobs that are available and click on the ones that are promising to you. This will permit you to look at the capabilities and requirements of the job and what the job involves. When you get a job opportunity that meets your capabilities, continue to fill out the application to apply for it.

Also, have your resume prepared to upload. The resume may not be a prerequisite, but it is highly suggested.

The Aptitude – Behavioral Test

After your application is finished, you may be coordinated to take an appraisal test. This test is designed to discover your personality strengths, traits, and weaknesses. Depending on the work applied for, this test may comprise of true or false questions, most outlandish or undoubtedly questions, concur or differ questions, or questions that you rate on the size of up to 10, or a blend of any of these.

The Waiting Game

After you have finished the application and evaluation test, you should get a call or an email within seven days from someone in Human Resources to set up your meeting. Another option is to sign in to your FedEx careers account to see any updates. Once you are informed of your interview you may be approached to confirm the date and time. So be prompt in answering!

You May Get a Phone Interview

In some cases, and this is going on more often, FedEx can call you for a phone interview. So if this occurs, ensure you are set up by being in a quiet place with no interruptions or noise in the background. After this interview, they may give you a proposition for employment or they may need you to come in for another interview in person. The interviewer may even ask you for a meeting over Skype. So having a Skype record won’t do any harm. Ensure you are familiar with using

Skype, maybe discover a friend that has Skype and give it a shot with them.

The Interview

Dress expertly for your interview and ensure your cell phone is turned off and taken care of. If you have a resume, carry it and offer it to the questioner. The interview can last somewhere from 10 to 20 minutes. You will be asked anywhere in the range of three to ten questions, some of them might be social inquiries concerning critical thinking.

  1. How have you taken care of contention with a co-worker previously?
  2. Different questions may be capacity questions.
  3. Can you lift 20 pounds?

If you are Proposed the job at the finish of the interview, you will be educated regarding any further testing you will require for the job.
Remember, this is only a guide for the employing process at FedEx. These are only the most common instances of what you may experience for yourself. The interaction you go through may contrast according to the FedEx facility you apply for and the state wherein you live.