Dramacool website review: is it legit and safe?

Dramacool is one of the largest Asian drama sites! You can watch and download Asian Drama (Korean Drama, Chinese Drama, Taiwan Drama, and Japanese Drama) with English subtitles for free. At the time, Dramacool was closed due to legal issues. There are lots of dramacool sites online! If you don’t have anything for wiki or Dramafever You, you should choose a popular website to watch and download Asia Drama Free Drama Fire.

To review Dramacool, we tested the reputation of Dramacol.com on several sites, including Site Advisor and MyWot. We found that Dramacool is safe for children and they don’t look cheated. We justify it. Do not trust stored data. Please be warned that we use data available publicly on the web to describe the security situation of drumcol.com, thus we cannot guarantee that a scam site is mistakenly legitimate. Not understood and there can be no fraud or PC issue in this regard.

Dramacool User Interface

This Dramacool user interface is much simpler than other websites. You will have the best aesthetics on this Drama Cole website. If you’re wondering, what are the terms of this website for users under 18? This website is safe for users of all ages because it does not contain inappropriate advertisements. You can watch Korean dramas on this website. Also, if you are a new or old user, it is not difficult to use Drama Cole. Additionally, there are rarely pop-up ads on this  Dramacool website.

You will not be interrupted while watching the drama on this website. So if you are hunting for a website to watch Korean drama, Drama Cole is the best among other sites. Within a few months, the website became popular due to its simple user interface. Also, this site has all the Korean dramas. You will be watching your most wanted Korean drama on this site.

The popularity of Korean Drama’s

Korean dramas are popular only because they have a great story as well as ethics. You will be watching a drama with English subtitles. However, sometimes pop-ups are added between you. Turns out this Korean drama site isn’t bothersome at all. Also, you will be able to watch Korean movies on this website. No doubt, there are other websites you can use to watch the drama, but this site is completely free.

Dramacool does not require a monthly fee subscription to this website. And that’s not all, and you will have the best quality with the Drama Cole website. Video resolution is much better than other websites. However, this Drama Cole website is the safest, and you won’t be scammed.

Comparison of Dramacool With Other Websites

In addition to Drama Cole, there are other websites you can use to watch Korean dramas and kisses.

Asian Crush Vs Dramacool

The Asian Crush Drama website also has all the Korean dramas, but you will have many pop-up ads on the site. The Drama Cole website has no pop-up ads. However, you will need to sign in to this website. Of course, this site does not have all the plays, but you will find some popular videos. You will find my Sissy Girl, Bad Man, Oasis, Death Note, and the last game on this site.

These are Asian dramas. He is known for his unique story. Also, these Asian dramas are seen all over the world. As a result, you can watch all of Asin Kachhal’s dramas on the Drama Cole website.

Netflix Vs Dramacool

Next, we have a Netflix site that will give you just one month of the free trial, and then you can subscribe to it. The price has to be paid. For only 30 days you can watch Korean drama on this site, but when you download the drama, you don’t have to worry about a trial period.

Although you will find all Korean dramas on this site, you will need to purchase them after the trial period. Netflix has a range of Korean dramas that are my first love, a Korean odyssey; romance is a bonus book, black, and so on. The only downside to this site is that it is not free after the trial period.

Hulu Vs Dramacool

Hulu is also a website featuring numerous Korean dramas and Japanese dramas, but you will have a limited selection of dramas to watch. Furthermore, this website is available on all smart devices, but you must select a specific subtitle before you can start the drama. However, some Korean dramas are not available with English subtitles. So this website is behind Drama Cole in many ways.

Is Dramacool Website Safe To Use?

Yes, it is completely safe to use, and you will have English subtitles with all Korean dramas. Best of all, this website is legal, and you will never be interrupted by advertising with this website. This website is quite old and does not require a purchase or sign-in.

Can I Have To Download The App Of Dramacool?

You do not need to download the Dramacool app on your laptop or PC, as this is a site that you can use only to watch dramas. However, you can download the Drama Cole app on the phone to watch dramas. Additionally, you can easily download the app to your phone but by copying the link on the Google bar, and then select the video resolution. Finally, you have to click on the download button below.


All in all, if you are fond of Korean dramas and looking for the best site to watch them, dramacool is perfect. This site has the simplest to operate, and it doesn’t have any pop ads. This website is free to use, and you don’t even have to pay a month or a year later. Also, the Dramacool website has Korean as well as Asian dramas with English subtitles. However, some other bad websites require sign-in and purchase.

If you found out about the Drama Cole website then you don’t need to follow any other website. This website is 7 years old and is configured in almost all countries. Hopefully, we’ve tried to answer all the questions about the Drama Cole website. Thank you for reading.