Deleting the System32 folder on Windows (What happened?)

If you are a Windows PC user, you have heard the word system32 many times. It is a folder within Windows program files with erroneous opinions and other rumors among users. You will hear many people say that it is fun or circus, that the system32 folder is a virus or malware that is already in Windows and is slowing down your PC. Many such things will be heard, for example, if you delete the System32 folder, your PC will be too fast. But how true is that? If you are a computer programmer or giac, you may know everything. But if you don’t know, read the article today we are going to discuss this system32 folder in more detail.

What is the System32 folder?

This folder is part of the Windows program files, usually C:\Windows \System32 at this address or location. This folder contains a few other import files in Windows itself, which helps Windows to run smoothly. If you browse this guide, you will usually find DLL files and other EXE custom files. Not only that, this folder contains Windows files only. In addition to other Windows DLL files, you will find many DLL files used by external Windows installed applications running by Windows itself and third-party software freely when needed.

Alternatively, you will find EXE files or applications in this folder that refer to other Windows default tools or operating system applications and programs. For example, if you use the default program manager function on Windows, Windows runs the Taskmgr.exe program in its System32 folder. Files for various Windows operating system files are locally located in this system folder32. And not just automated applications, most folders in this folder are locked, literally working to keep the entire Windows system running. For example, there are system files that Windows uses for all basic operations every second.

What happened if you delete the System32 folder?

First, you cannot delete the system32 folder automatically. If someone tells you that you have deleted a system32 folder on their PC, then you can be sure that they are lying. Not so when you right-click on the System folder and delete the folder by clicking the delete option. Windows will not allow you to delete system32 folders easily, as there are faster system files on Windows. If you want to access your C drive, you can find your system32 folder and try deleting it, but when you click delete, you will always see the next window.

You see, if you want to delete a system32 folder, you’ll need special permissions. However, if you want to access any files and folders in the Windows folder or flowers, access some advanced settings. However, if you take access to the system flowers folder or even ownership, Windows will prevent you from deleting this folder. In this case, you will be told that. That is, you are using a file or folder within the system32. It is therefore not possible to delete it. Of course, because it previously stated that the system folder 32 contains some Imprint files used by Windows itself and third-party applications almost always.

So the system folder is fully utilized. But even if you remove it, In this case, this folder can be deleted using some command Prompt commands. These instructions are also available on Google search. Yes, using this command, you can delete some files in the program folder32.

What happened?

Simply put, your windows will stop working. It’s not always good to stop, but at first, you will notice that some Windows operating systems do not work and those that do not work well with the OS. For example, you will see that you cannot open basic tools like task manager, notebook, window store, etc.
Every time you use your PC and see a Windows error, it will show a corrupted System32 file. This is because when you deliberately or accidentally try to uninstall System32. Even if its files disappear, corrupt, or infected with Virus your PC performance will slow down. By now you should know that deleting a program folder System32 is not a good decision. Once you have removed it you will see many system errors. If you try restarting your Windows, it will fail to start properly. Even a basic program called Windows Task Manager when run will show you the error.

The only solution to fixing the System 32 error is to reinstall Windows OS. This way you will lose all your information but you will fix the problem of deleting program 32.

At this point, you can understand that system32 is not a virus and if you remove it, your PC will speed up, your windows will crash. So if someone tells you that if your system removes system32, your PC will speed up, then only you can process it. So never believe such a thing, and don’t forget that you don’t have system files on your PC’s C drive and don’t delete them.


System32 is not a virus but is usually infected by malware and viruses. Most of the time when the virus attacks any PC, its first purpose is to infect the program folder 32. That’s why on these computers you will see a message asking you to delete program 32. But it is a problem because if you delete the program System32 folder, the virus will gain complete control over your PC. So in these cases use Windows built-in app called Windows Defender and use full scanning.