Customer service hours at Walmart

As 2018 closes and 2019 comes closer into view, Walmart continues to innovate, adapt and expand to a wider share of the market. Walmart, the multinational retail company of numerous discount department and warehouse stores, has grown to over 11,000+ number of stores across 27 different countries and employs over 2.2 million associates around the world. In order to keep up with the increasing demand of their products and services, Walmart has also had to expand their customer service operations.While the morning to evening 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM (or 6:00 PM occasionally) call time is listed across all Walmart stores across the US, the store is greatly expanding their hours of service. Technology continues to augment their customer service offering so the store can continue to deliver more value for their valued customers beyond their normal business working hours.
The Basics of Walmart Customer Service
Directly on the Walmart website “Contact Us” page features two central ways to contact their customer service department from anywhere in the world. To speak with someone on the phone, the number to call is: 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART). From 8:00 AM in the morning until 6:00 PM in the evening on each day of the week, including Saturday and Sunday, you will be able to speak with someone at the company directly.
While this number is connected to the global Walmart customer service line, you can easily look up the contact information for your local or closest Walmart store in your area. Consider calling your closest Walmart if you have a question about specific inventory or product inquiries. If you don’t have a specific question for the local branch or have a more general question about anything on their online store, the main 1-800-WALMART number will serve you well.

However, if you would rather electronically communicate with the store, you can also fill out an email after answering several topic categories. You can contact them about the store experience, discounts for items in the store, general feedback, questions, investor relations information, and community/giving information.

It is important to note that while there may be a corporate line, extension, or communication channel, the corporate branch of Walmart will not be able to assist your customer service inquiries. If you manage to reach the corporate line, they will kindly direct you back to the customer service branch to handle your questions and comments.
Ways to Identify the Customer Service Hours
For those who are new or infrequent shoppers of Walmart, it will be important to note the numerous ways where you can find information related to Walmart’s customer service hours. The easiest and most reliable method of identification is through the website’s “store locator.” Upon entering the zip code closest to your location, Walmart will pull up a list of the closest stores to your area. Typically, the list will highlight 1-3 first, and then you can scroll for more options that are farther from the location you entered.
To find the customer service hours to speak with someone at Walmart, click on the button that says “details.” This hyperlink will pull up the store hours and return hours, typically separated by Monday to Saturday and then Sunday, as well as the phone number to speak with someone directly.
Google Maps is another great resource for identifying these hours for all of the Walmart’s in a local area or state. Upon clicking on each dot on the map that is a Walmart, there will be a list of hours for each store along with the contact information.

Lastly, consider using the Android or iPhone Walmart app for 24/7 access to all store information. Apps are great because all of the information, from contacting the store to looking up product availability, is available all from a smartphone or tablet device.
Using Technology to Expand Customer Service
Just as Amazon recently acquired Whole Foods and other retailers continue to acquire smaller companies to provide more for their customer communities, Walmart is experiencing very similar expansion changes as well. The company is scaling its business to stack up against the e-commerce giant through providing a more robust customer in-store experience which is being facilitated through new technology.

One key example of this advancement is with in-store visual search technology. One of the biggest problems for the large stores is having to memorize where all products are and what is being carried at any given time. This is a seemingly insurmountable task for customer service representatives in each Walmart, or at least it was until now. Recently, Walmart announced Hayneedle will be joining their efforts to provide visual search technology to allow customers to take a phone of something they like outside of the store and this app will search for similar products within Walmart’s product database.
A Customers-First Mentality
Customer service is a number one priority for Walmart and the availability of options for direct connection with their customer service is certainly a plus.
As the company continues to grow, it is without a doubt that Walmart will continue to expand their customer service offerings to make sure their customers always have someone to speak with around the clock.