Car jump start with a bad starter

Do you own a car? Are you facing a car starter problem? If you visit an auto repair shop, you will find a lousy starter problem as the most common. Though this phenomena is seldom due to electric vehicles and hybrid cars rolling on the roads. But we cannot deny that car start problem is still one of the most common car problems and perhaps may continue in future.Now, what should we need to do when the starter is not responding and stops working? Do you need o get it to repair shop with the help of a tow truck, or there is another solution? In this article, I shall give you a guideline about jump-starting your car with a lousy stater. You need not to our vehicle to the workshop or call the repair service.

How to Start a Car with a Bad Starter?

First of all, you should understand the basic requirements of a starter to be responsive. It will need three fundamental things to perform better: positive charge coming from the battery, ground and you should also need positive charge trigger which comes from the starter relay. If your car is facing a problem in the starter, you may bypass all the things and manually start the car. It happens when there is a car problem, and you cannot run the engine through the starter. You can get it fixed later, but you can start the car on the spot.


Checking the connections and current

First thing you need to do is checking the links. You should ensure that the wire connections are intact between the battery and the starter. If they are loose, you should make it right. Loose connects are a disadvantage. They prevent the starter from receiving enough amps from the battery to start correctly.
It would help if you tightened the battery terminal connectors with a ratchet. If it is correct, then follow the positive wire with your hand. The positive then splits into two. One is the connection for starter and the other for the alternator. You need to follow it to the connector and shake it if it seems loose.

Engine grounds

A starter does not come with a ground wire that comes from the battery. It is supplied to the connector via its outer frame to contact with the transmission. The ground wires are connected from transmission to car, s body.  If there is rust on wire or it is damaged, there will be an open system in starting circuit. It will not let the starter work properly.

If you want to bypass this problem, you may provide a direct ground to starter frame by using a jumper wire. If there is a ground problem, you may submit an excellent ground to turn it properly modify the starter.

Checking the starter solenoid’s wire

If your car starter is turning free when cranking, there will be a problem in the solenoid. You should check the smallest wire connecting to the starter and check for dust and dirt.