Boku No Pico parent reviews

Boku no pico is a series made in Japanese. That is produce by “Natural High”. They are describing the world’s first shotacon by its producer. Shotacon is a Japanese slang that means that attracting young boys. Boku no pico consists of three episodes. The first episode is the version of edited for contend, a computer game and music video album.

The series become admired after a viral video called “don’t watch an Anime.” This video is posted on Youtube in 2010. In this viral video, a male viewer describing three episodes of the OVA. They compare the experience of watching them to selling his soul.

Characters of Boku no Pico

Saigado was a character design. They design all the characters.


Pico was a blonde hair boy. They work a part-time job with his grandfather bar in the summer holidays. He’s regularly shown swimming, generally naked or in a blue Speedo. He has worn young ladies’ garments. Since the time, Tamotsu (Mokkun) offered some to him as a blessing. Afterward, they are feeling hurt. That Tamotsu wouldn’t characterize their relationship. He revolts by trimming his hair and runoff from home. Later on, they accommodate. The accompanying summer, Pico meets Chico, who is swimming naked in a stream while riding his bicycle. He becomes companions with Chico, who calls him “Oniichan” (elder sibling). And they structure a heartfelt and sexual relationship. In his associations with both Mokkun and Chico, he is the uke. However, in the last relationship, this is to some degree reversible.


Tamotsu is also known as a Mokkun. He is a worker and performs managerial tasks and seduces pico mistaking him for a younger lady. However, continues the connection after come to know pico is a male. He buys Pico a lady’s outfit later.


Pico’s grandfather’s name is Ojisan. Who runs an empty and large bar on the beach name is called Bebe. In summer, Tamotsu always visits him. Pico as a waiter provides services to the Tamotsu. They wear a frilly pink apron. Ojisan suggests pico and Tamotsu spend time together.


Chico is a boy. Chico lives with his sister in a house near a forest. His sister is also a guardian of Chico. And Chico make a sexual relationship with Pico in a later episode. Chico is a younger boy and less sexual experience than pico. He often plays outside nude. And they watch Oneesan masturbate secretly. In attacks, Chico is the lover boy; despite his age, his relationship with pico is reversible.


Chico’s older sister’s name is Oneesan. She is also a legal guardian of Chico. Because of the guardianship, responsibilities and her isolation, she is sexually frustrated. They do masturbation regularly after being stuck masturbating by the boys through a crack in her bedroom ceiling. She indirectly sources of motivation cause of their experimentation.


Coco has long and black hair with a feminine look. Coco and Pico meet in the third episode. Later on, Coco with a sexual relationship with Pico and Chico. After unintentionally some resistance in this relationship. Coco makes a decision to reserve himself from both of the people. Although they do bring back together with him at Tokyo Tower and turn out to be having a threesome.

You Watch Boku no Pico

The Boku no pico is an anime with vast popularity. The world will remember the Boku no pico. Whenever you are trying to watch a new anime, or you are new to anime. The web shows the Boku and pico recommendations. But picture what parents think about Boku no pico.

Parent’s reason not to watch Boku no Pico

Let’s see why children shouldn’t be watch it because if you’ve seen disadvantage first. You’ll have a varied opinion on the series. So, here we go with the reasons why you shouldn’t look at Boku no Pico.

If you want to know about parents review about not to watch Boku no Pico, they are discus below:-

Inappropriate for children

This series is not appropriate and disturbing for children. This series shows the weird and unusual relationship between average viewers and lead. Consider this is the main reason why parents don’t want their children to watch this series.

Child Porno

In this series, they showed sexually in the same offensive way of a loli with an elder. However, they did it in a repellent way in the hentai. So, there is no way some of the viewers hate it or despise it.

Time waste

Children got addicted to this series by watching it. Once they start it, they don’t want to stop watching it. Their eyes and sleeping pattern get affected. Caring for a long time can affect their brains as well. They are not concentrating on their studies because of this series.

Reason for watching Boku no Pico

Everyone has different tastes and everybody liking for a particular variety in the anime world. Boku no Pico is not for children but for yaoi fans who love it to watch over the world. Although Boku no pico have outstanding elements and they are presented uniquely.


Boku no pico have cute suspense. In simple words, in this anime, a person looks like a girl. But they turn out to be a boy at the end of the anime. Suspense makes anime superb interesting. So, it’s one of the positive reasons to watch Boku no pico.

Sound effects

It is essential for attracting the audience. Most people watch due to sound effects. And children also attract due to the sound. Boku no pico has excellent sound effects. So it’s good for children to watch and does some time pass.


Parents don’t want their children to watch this series because it affects their health, sleeping patterns, and studies. The content is also no appropriate for the children.

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