Best way to see who views your Instagram

People who follow you on Instagram are probably the users who see the photos you upload the most.Since any new content you add shows up on their Instagram feeds.

All photos on Instagram are made public by default, but you can also set your account to private so that only followers can view your photos.
If you want to see who views your Instagram profile, photos and videos you can use one of the most popular applications: “Who Interact With Me for Instagram” on the App Store or “Who viewed my Instagram” on Google Play.
InstaView calculates all your Instagram activity and get data for each users who has interacted with your profile recently.

InstaView provides a list of people who recently liked and interacted with your profile. This app displays the list of users who likes you most, based on interactions which other people have had with your Instagram account, such as likes, comments, photos tagged you, following and messaging.
The list is updated automatically when the potential recent viewers of your Instagram profile changes.
You can see up to most recent 200 list for your Instagram profile. This app is intended for fun and entertainment purposes.