Best Type of Wood to use for a desktop on a homemade desk

No doubt you need a strong and durable homemade desktop to bear the weight of items to be placed on top of your desk. This is not only vital for the safety of your items but also avoids needless frequency of making a homemade desktop. The homemade desktop should also have an amazing appearance. This is important in ensuring the homemade desk blends well with other sets of furniture in your office. Basically, it should enhance the aesthetic value of your office. That being the case, your morale of working in your home office will be boosted.
Getting a strong and durable homemade desk solely lies on the type of wood used in making that desk. Not all type of wood will give your desk that durability and great texture it deserves. Therefore, you ought to be very careful when selecting the type of wood to use in coming up with a homemade desktop. If that is not the case you will have to bear the cost of replacing your homemade desktop very frequently, which is a very expensive practice.
Factors to consider when choosing a type of wood
• Quality
The type of wood you pick on should be very strong and durable. These features will ensure your homemade desktop lasts for a long period of time before the need to replace it arises.
• Price
Do not splash all your cash on purchasing wood for your homemade desktop. Go for an affordable type of wood but also ensure its quality is not compromised at all.
• Color
You will need that type of wood that blends well with your house or office. It is important to go for that wood which presents you with a wide variety of finishes.

If you want to get the best type of wood to use for a desktop on a homemade desk, here are some examples you can consider:
Cherry Wood
First, it adds a very amazing look onto your desktop homemade desk. Furthermore, it is very strong meaning your homemade desktop will last for long. You will incur less maintenance and repair costs. Nevertheless, it does not offer a great assortment of finishes. You will only be expected to choose from a limited number of finishes. This is due to the wood’s dark nature. Also, it is quite expensive, but its quality is very convincing and hence you will get value for your money. You need to maintain it very well so that it does not succumb to scratches and wearing off. All in all, this is one of the best woods for a desktop on a homemade desk.

Oak Wood
This is one of the most popular woods used for making furniture. It is very strong and durable. Unlike Cherry Wood, Oakwood presents a wide variety of finishes. You can easily come up with different looks and colors. That means with Oak Wood it is very easy to come up with a design and color that will blend perfectly with other office furniture. That possibility makes it one of the preferred wood when it comes to making a desktop for a homemade desk.

Maple Wood
Most importantly, this is the cheapest wood you will ever come around. It comes in a great assortment of finishes but in lighter colors. It is convincingly durable in order to bear the weight of all the items that will be placed on the desktop of your homemade desk. In fact, Maple Wood is one of the best softwood you can consider when designing a desktop. You can come up with various designs you intend your desk to have. This is a type of wood that can be acquired by a great number of individuals as a result of being affordable. No wonder it is considered by a lot of people when it comes to making their furniture.

In case you want a very durable and strong homemade desktop then the choice of your wood should be up to the required standard. It should not wear off within a short period of time. Also, it ought to blend perfectly with your home office. Basically, the wood you pick on should give you value for your money. This can only be seen by coming up with a durable desktop for your homemade desk.