Bank of America Transfer charges

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Like most of the top banks in the U.S., Bank of America fees expenses for its accounts. These fees consist of Bank of America overdraft fees, monthly protection fees, checking account fees, savings account fees, wire transfer fees, foreign transaction fees, and ATM prices to use a non-Bank of America machine. Find out what bank prices and prices you are paying or pay when you open an account.

Checking Accounts

Bank of America provides three checking money owed – Core Checking, Interest Checking, and Safe Balance Banking every with an exclusive monthly upkeep fee:
The monthly Maintenance bank rate of America Core Checking Account has $12.

It waived with at least one direct credit score of $250 each month or held a minimum everyday balance of $1,500 or more. Bank of America Interest Checking Account has a Monthly Maintenance rate of $25, which waive if the stability of all linked debts is above $10,000. Bank of America Safe Balance Banking comes with a Monthly Maintenance price of $4.95, which can’t waive.

Check fees

Ordering tests for a private account costs on standard $30.If a consumer requires a cashier’s check, usually wanted for actual estate purchases or brokerage transactions, these carry a rate of $10 per check. Account-holders can area a “stop payment” on any exams they have issued. Each request incorporates a cost of $30.

Savings Accounts

Bank of America Savings account prices come with a wide variety of restrictions on the most quantity of free withdrawals and restrictions against making payments without delay from the account. The three degrees of financial savings money owed are Rewards Savings, a Minor Savings Account (owned and maintained by way of an individual under 18), and a Custodial Savings Account comparable to the Minor Savings account is managing using a custodian such as a parent.

Rewards Saving Account has a monthly price of $8, waived with a minimal every day stability of $500. Minor Savings Account has no monthly upkeep rate but is solely on hand to these underneath 18 and converts to a Rewards Savings Account once the holder turns 18.


Bank of America overdraft expenses are commonly similar to different banking companies and are trendy across their accounts at $35 for each payment approved or back item, with a maximum of four posts per day. Overdraft Protection is reachable for linked Bank of America accounts. Suppose there is now not adequate cash in one account to pay for the  The money will mechanically transferred from the linked account to cover the amount. There is a $12 price per transaction to use this service.

ATM Transactions

ATM transactions at the Bank of America ATM community are free for account holders. Use of a Domestic non-Bank of America ATM will result in a $2.50 rate per transaction. It is in addition to any charges that the ATM operator may also add. There is a fee of $5 per transaction for foreign non-Bank of America ATMs. Besides, an “International Transaction Fee” of 3% for each ATM withdrawal is converting into neighborhood currency. The issuing bank might also cost a transaction fee.

Copies of documents

Should the account holder need to reproduce their financial institution statements or printable test images, perhaps due to loss or wanting to ship to a 0.33 party? They can request a replica of their bank statement. The charge is $3 per request.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfer charges with Bank of America rely on factors such as whether or not it is an incoming, outgoing, domestic, or foreign transfer, and what foreign money the wire wishes to despatch. These outline in detail below:

  • Incoming domestic wire switch fees are $15 per transaction.
  • Incoming foreign wire switch charges are $16 per transaction.
  • Outgoing home wire switch charges are $30 per transaction.
  • Outgoing overseas wire switch despatched in overseas foreign money prices are $35 per transaction.
  • Outgoing overseas wire transfers despatched in U.S. Dollar prices are $45 per transaction.

Customers are aware that different banks may also cost additional fees for each incoming and outgoing foreign transfer made in any currency. If a deposited transfer is again, there is a rate ranging from $12 to $15.

Card replacement

To replace a lost, broken, or stolen debit card that has now not expired, Bank of America charges $5. Rush delivery incurs a more significant $15 charge.

How to Minimize Fees at Bank of America?

There are methods to reduce the average quantity of costs associated with Bank of America accounts.

  1. Open only the terrific type of account.
  2. Use online banking.
  3. Avoid overspending.
  4. Only use Bank of America ATMs.

As small organizations active in import and export comprehend very well, global commercial enterprise requires global payments. Like the whole thing else in life, this service comes with a rate tag. Since clients typically receive international wire transfers requiring extra work from their financial institution than an easy domestic transfer, they can tolerate a reasonable service charge.