All You Need to Know About the Shortest Skirt

Short skirts have been in fashion. Skirts are easy going outfits and also highly flexible. You can wear them with anything you want to. Women have been wearing it since ancient times. Mini-skirts are short skirts which is covers only till the mid-thigh. It just stretches 10 cm from the buttocks.Short skirts have been there since forever but they were never called “mini” until the 1960s. During the 60s it became a fashion trend.
According to archaeologists and historians, miniskirts like clothing dated back to the 12th century BCE. The tradition revived when Josephine Baker wore the banana skirt in the mid-1920s. She wore it during a performance in Folies Bergère. The skirt looked just like a miniskirt. In science fictions precisely in 1940s extremely short skirts came into fashion. The short skirts had pulp artwork which depicted a futuristic woman. The artwork later became immensely popular. The woman would wear it as a stereotyped combination of boots, bra and metallic skirt which was then considered futuristic.

Types of short skirts:
Short skirts can be of various types ranging from extremely professional to casual. Skirts can be of numerous styles and shapes. We’ll discuss about some of the famous skirts which an average wardrobe of a girl has:
A-line skirts: A- line skirts are tight of the waist and flares out as it goes down. It mainly emphasises the waist. Some variations of A-line skirts are gypsy, godet and panelled skirt. It is ideal for women of all body type. These are best for casual and formal wear. Asymmetrical Skirt: These skirts have varying hem. They are also referred to as the high-low skirt. They’re usually mini-skirts but can be of varying lengths. These are perfect for women with tall and toned bodies. Women who are too slim shouldn’t wear it. These skirts are ideal for beach, pool parties or are just to be worn casually.

Bubble skirt: Bubble skirts are famous since the 50s. As the name suggests bubble skirts gives a bubble effect. It gives a curvy look hence it is fit for women who do not have a voluminous waistline. It is usually above your knee length. They are perfect for women having toned legs and hour glass body. Women who are very curvy shouldn’t opt for it as they might end up looking like a plum. These can be worn casually, on prom nights or during a party.
Circular skirt: Circular skirts are perfectly circle in shape. Its waistline is quite skinny and flares out just like A-line skirts. It is ideal for formal as well as casual attires. These are generally mini-skirts or above knee-length. They’re fit for women who are slim or have hour glass and pear shaped body.

Denim skirts: They were initially worn by hippies as they wanted to recycle their denim jeans by stitching them together. Later it became a fashion trend and designers made it more beautiful by adding designs to these skirts. Denim skirts are available in all length by are mostly famous as mini skirts. They are the perfect wardrobe collection for hourglass women, well-toned women and triangle shaped women. It is the best casual wear and are mostly paired with high boots and denim jackets.
Drindl Skirt: They have great similarity with bubble skirts. The only difference is these skirts aren’t scrunched up. They instead flare out. They enhance the waist and adds volume to it. They are mostly short skirts. It’s ideal for hour glass shaped women or women with toned legs. They’re best when it comes to casual or semi-formal wear. Drindl skirts are usually made of silk, linen or satin.

Flared Skirt: Flared skirts are similar to A-line skirts, the only difference being that they flare out immensely, much more than A-line skirts. They are very dressy as well as classy. They are suitable for both party or also an interview. These skirts adds height to your body. It’s a good choice for short or petite girls.
Pencil/ tube skirt: These skirts are straight and tight at the bottom. These are generally short in size. To carry this skirt one needs to have a perfect body. If a woman with an inappropriate figure wears it, it can lead to a fashion disaster. It flaunts your hipline perfectly. It is perfect for hour glass shaped women and women with a proper and toned body. They can be worn in party or also as a formal wear. You can team it up with crop tops, shirt or sleeved top.
These are some of the common and popular variations of short skirts. Short skirts have had its own history and development and today we have innumerable forms of short skirts.