Age of consent in Japan and why it so low?

Age of consent in Japan may be termed as a confusing topic for locals as well as foreigners. Even professional lawyers find it difficult to answer the problem if they do not have complete knowledge of Japanese laws. He may not give a piece of confirmed and accurate advice on the topic. The foreigners in Japan usually ask about this topic, but if you don’t know the regulatory laws, it may be a complicated issue.

There are three significant laws which regulate the age of consent issue. These laws address this fact and give you the answer relating to the age of consent queries. These laws are as under.

  • The Penal Law Regarding Rape and Sexual Assault
  • Civil law (National)
  • Child Welfare act (Regional), commonly called the Juvenile Obscene act

Sometimes one or two of these laws may overlap the other concerning the protection and interest. All of these three laws results and address the topics related to different interests.

Japanese panel law addresses the issue of rape and sexual intercourse. The article 177 of these laws gives three years of imprisonment for the people who commit sexual intercourse with a female less than 13 years of age. This law makes it clear that sex under thirteen years of age is a crime, so the age of consent becomes 13.
There is another ambiguity following article 34 of the Child Welfare Act, holds the age of fornication as 18 years. Fornication means sex with a person who is not married. Children may be called any person under 18 years of age. So in terms of this law, the age of consent is 18.


There is an article on the website of an embassy according to it the age of consent for a male is 18, and for females, it is 16 years. There is another thing. If you are in Japan, you cannot get married under the age of twenty without the permission of your parents.

Minimum age of consent

From the above laws, we may infer that the age of consent in Japan is 13. It is the minimum age after which you are eligible for approval to participate in sexual activity. If you are 12 years old, you are not legally eligible for a consent o sexual intercourse. If you indulge in such an event, you may be prosecuted for such crimes as it is not following the terms of the law.


When you have a consensual sexual contact under the age of 13, you are violating the Japan law. It is a fact that the age of consent is lowest in any developed country. Some prefectures have their rules about the corruption of minors or obscenity status. There are two territories of law in Japan. Each has its age of consent.

There are some social and demographical reasons for the lower age of consent in Japan. We must know when we go for sex in this country.