3 best ways to get cash using your credit card

Many credit cards come with a cash advance credit line – what is this, and what can you do with it? Is it the same as a credit limit, and Is it always available? What do credit card issuers and credit reporting companies think about cash advances?
To get a cash advance you will be charged a fee and a high interest rate that starts the moment you take the money.
One of the best things people can do to avoid taking a cash advance is to plan – have emergency reserves, and make sure to live within their means.
If you need your cash quickly, you may want to call the bank or financial institutions you are planning on going to before hand to see if this will occur.

Thre are 3 simple ways to get cash using your credit card:
1. ATM Cash Advance. When you use your credit card account for a loan by withdrawing cash at an ATM from your credit card for overdraft protection or immediate use.
2. Credit Union Cash Advance. Transfer money from your available limit to your checking or savings account with a Cash Advance. There’s no fee* for Cash Advances made in Web Branch.
3. Cash Advance Check. Cash-advance or convenience checks look just like regular checks. You can generally use them anywhere you could write a check.

Now you can see useful video about Cash Advance Credit Line:

Also you can use your Discover Card to get a cash advance online, at ATMs and banks—or to order checks.